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Identity Part 1

How do I stop absolutely hating myself? What is the best way to understand how God sees me compared to how I or others do? What's the difference between self-worth and pride/ self-worship? How do I get over worrying about what others think of me?

Season 2 | Ep 1 (RQRA000015)

Identity Part 2

Does God have favorites? Men? Women? People who aren’t “damaged?” This program addresses some of the challenges we face as we grapple with our identity in Christ.

Season 2 | Ep 2 (RQRA000016)


We live a society where sex and sexual issues are constantly surrounding us. And addition to the external pressures, we deal with the struggles within ourselves as well! This program looks at God’s view of sexuality and how it offers us freedom.

Season 2 | Ep 3 (RQRA000016)

Assurance of Salvation

How do I know that I’m saved? This is probably the biggest question a Christian can ask. But what if we’re afraid to admit that we’re not sure? This program takes a Biblical look at real salvation.

Season 2 | Ep 4 (RQRA000017)


What do I do when I feel like my prayers just hit the ceiling? How much does prayer even matter? This program takes a practical look at the how to pray and what it does.

Season 2 | Ep 5 (RQRA000018)

Dealing with Rules and Regulations

We don’t always like rules. And especially within the church, we don’t always appreciate the rules or agree with them. So what do we do? We’ll discuss that challenge in this program.

Season 2 | Ep 6 (RQRA000019)

Principles On Choosing Entertainment

Does it matter what we watch or listen to if it's just in moderation? Do I really have to give up pop music etc. to get into heaven as long as it doesn't have cussing or saying bad things? How do I know what is best for a Christian to watch or listen to without being legalistic?

Season 2 | Ep 7 (RQRA000020)

How to Have A Meaningful Devotional Life

I am struggling with opening the Bible, reading and studying it. How do I overcome this? It seems many people use devotionals for daily personal worship. Is that sufficient? O should we dig deeper into a study each day? What do i do in the times I just can't feel God's involvement or presence?

Season 2 | Ep 8 (RQRA000021)

Dealing with Church Issues

How should the church handle involvement by homosexuals/LGBTQI+? Why does there have to be so much separation (segregation) within the church leadership, when we are supposed to be working together to spread the word? How do we seek unity in our diversity?

Season 2 | Ep 9 (RQRA000022)


Why does Adventism matter? How can we learn to lovingly take a stand for Biblical truth in a society where the concept of "truth" has become so relative?

Season 2 | Ep 10 (RQRA000023)

Understanding Surrender

How do I surrender to God? No matter how much I try, I can't seem to give my heart over completely to God. If victory over sin is possible, why doesn't the church teach righteousness by faith in a practical sense? How can I know when I'm "fully surrendered"?

Season 2 | Ep 11 (RQRA000024)


How much outreach does God expect me to do? How can I share my faith and witness for Christ when I still feel like I have so much growing to do in my own relationship with Him? Would not knowing that I lead someone to Christ via baptism indicate my lack or that I'm not "all in" or that I am not being intentional enough?

Season 2 | Ep 12 (RQRA000025)

Open Category

If I can't enjoy Christianity here on earth how could I live in heaven for eternity? Christianity seems just a set of do's and don'ts. My dad is a pastor and because he's so busy I just feel like I'm a burden to him. I feel like my dad's stress is my fault and I'm such a failure.

Season 2 | Ep 12 (RQRA000026)