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S1 EP1

Why Does God Allow Suffering? 


S1 EP2

Why Does God Allow Suffering? 


S1 EP3

Bad Religion

If you’ve ever been hurt by religious people or teachings, this program addresses whether God is responsible for these things, and what the solution is.


S1 EP4

Finding God’s Will for You

How can I know what God’s will is for my life? What if I have thought that I knew and turned out to be wrong? We will address these questions in this program.


S1 EP5

Finding Truth

In a world where truth is viewed as relative, is it possible to truly know what is true? This program addresses what the Bible says about truth and how to find it.


S1 EP6

Navigating Romantic Relationships

What does the Word of God say about relationships? Is any of that still relevant today? In this program we address the principles that can help us to succeed in making wise choices in relationships.


S1 EP7

Building a Relationship with God

Growing a relationship with God can feel difficult at times. This program deals with some practical principles that can help us to revive and grow our connection with Him.


S1 EP8

Transitioning into Adulthood

Moving out, making it on our own – how do we deal with the pressures and expectations of our family and others? We’ll look at principles God has to help us figuring it all out.


S1 EP9

Dealing with Family Issues

No family is perfect.  But maybe there have been some major issues in yours – divorce, abuse, conflict…This program looks at what help God’s word has for the tough stuff in our families.


S1 EP10

Addictions Part 1

Addictions.  They come in all shapes and forms.  Food, sports, alcohol, pornography, masturbation.  What do we do? It’s tough to talk about addictions, but this program tackles some of these tough topics.


S1 EP11

Addictions Part 2

Addicted? Discouraged? Continuing our previous program on addictions, this episode looks specifically at the heart of our addictions and practical help for overcoming them.


S1 EP12

Handling Hypocrisy

How do we handle hypocrisy that we see in the church or in our own lives? What does God think about hypocrisy? This program addresses these questions and gives some insight into the character of God.


S1 EP13

Open Category

Jewelry, tattoos - how do I deal with people judging me or my lifestyle? And what about my friends who’ve been burned by Christians? Sometimes we receive excellent questions that didn’t fit into the other series topics!  This program tackles a few of those questions and invites you to send in yours.